Bikers Loft Groenedijk

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where bikers feel at home

Bikers Loft Groenedijk "was" a lodging for motorcyclists, bicycle tourism and other adventurous travelers, from 1996 until 2019.


It was inventively housed in a former garment factory (until 2010 known as the Motorcycle Loft Hotel Groenedijk).

Ivan from Bikers Loft Groenedijk would like to thank all his loyal customers and sympathizers for the years of support and for the fun we have had together.
It was 24 years of joy and fun, in front of and behind the bar, on stage and in the hotel.  May we continue to cherish beautiful memories of it.

[Reminisce: view the photos at  Bikers Loft Groenedijk  and  Party Café Groenedijk]

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new!   The building now houses the Klimkaffee Oudenburg.

It is the first bouldering hall with a hostel, unique on the Belgian coast.  Bouldering as a sport or as recreation, for young and old, for beginners and advanced.  Take a look at these images.

It will soon be possible to stay there again. The motorcycles can park within the fence.

600m² indoor bouldering wall + 65m² outdoor bouldering wall + 2 kilter boards + campus wall + hostel