Parties & Events

The ideal location for your personal parties, such as birthday, wedding, anniversary, baby drinks, retirement, ... but also for staff receptions, (motorcycle- and car)club parties and all kind of meetings, concerts and performances ...

Capacity: 20 to 120 people.

Temporary also a larger space (loft 800m²) available for indoor events such as a 2nd hand (book) exhibition, swap meeting, fashion show, ...

4 Reasons for your next party or meeting to continue with us:

1. (almost) FREE

This location is not a sterile room that pays you too expensive to decorate yourself, but a large cozy café that "lived" and that you are (almost) free of charge (unless you opt for a "private" party).


The location and infrastructure of this special place offers you numerous possibilities:

Location: In the middle of valuable agricultural walking area with beautiful farms and views. At 300 meters from the hiking route to the Creeks area. Located on various cycling routes, including "The Green Ribbon" around Ostend (more info). A nice meeting point, stopover or finish for your next walking or cycling trip, or motorcycle ride.

Infrastructure: Cozy bar (280m²), large stage, spacious sun terrace, giant barbecue, catering kitchen.

Temporary also a larger space (1000m²) available for indoor events such as a 2nd hand (book) exhibition, swap meeting, fashion show, ...


Celebration offer for all budget levels, going from a "round for the birthday" possibly with snacks and finger food to the use of a top restaurant with table service, and everything in between.

Also a simple or extensive barbecue or placing one or more food trucks on the terrace are possible ...

Drinks can be ordered per glass or per barrel. If you want to bring your own wine or bubbles, you simply pay us a 'gift tax'.


There are 12 rooms available for the smartest among party animals. Rooms for 2 to 4 people, basic furnishings and at a price far lower than any fine for "drunk driving" ;-).

For prices: see section 'Rooms & Prices'.

>> No raves, events with 'invited guests' only <<

More info needed: call or mail to iVan