Food / BBQ


In our inter-active kitchen you can find (until 11 pm) a limited choice of dishes :

Spaghetti bolognaise / Flemish beefstew / Vol-au-vent / Lasagna bolognaise / Meatballs in tomato sauce / ... à €8,80

French fries à € 3,00 (sauce incl.)

Fryer snacks à € 4,00

Pizzas à € 10,80

Fresh soup with bread & butter à € 4,00


On request (2 days on forehand) for groups of 15 persons or more.

Groups <15p can have them put on a waiting list (in order to join another group) ...

Prices VAT incl. / Self-grilling (assistance on request)

3 possibilities :

A/ 5 Pieces of meat (+ - 450gr. pp) + simple salad bar € 16.50

Steak, mar. turkey filet, pork roast, chipolata, pork skewer.

Salad, tomatoes, grated carrots, white cabbage, potatosalad, ...

Minimum 15 people.

B/ At least 7 types of meat "à gogo" + simple salad bar € 22.50

Choice of: merguez, bratwurst, chipolatta, lamb skewer,

beef brochette, pork brochette, poultry brochette,

chicken legs, chicken fillet, pork ribs, boned boneless,

marinated smelt, belly bacon, white tripe, black pin, ...

Salad, tomatoes, grated carrots, potatosalad, ...

Minimum 20 people.

"à gogo" = "à volonté" = "all you can eat"

C/ At least 7 types of meat "à gogo" (including Irish steak) € 26.50

Extensive salad bar + jacket potato + hot ratatouille.

Minimum 30 people.

"à gogo" = "à volonté" = "all you can eat"

Always included: freshly baked bread, abbey - and herb butter & BBQ sauces.

Always free: charcoal, production service, olive oil & herbs, use of tongs.